Monday, June 06, 2005

Screaming Roach

Ref - Assad: Media, Tech Crushing Arabs

Ever wonder what a roach sounds like when you turn on the light.?

"These many inputs, especially with the evolution of communication and information technology, made the society open, and this opened the door for some confusion and suspicion in the minds of Arab youth.

"The ultimate objective of all this is the destruction of Arab identity; for the enemies of the Arab nation are opposed to our possessing any identity or upholding any creed that could protect our existence and cohesion, guide our vision and direction, or on which we can rely in our steadfastness," Assad said Monday.

IOpian View Translation: "The information age has opened the eyes of our youth and exposed the Baathist Party for the thugocracy it is. We need to take action to preserve Baathist hold on power or we'll be swinging from streetlamps if the truth is ever exposed.

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