Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Why They Hate Us

First, I don't care if they hate us or not. It's a question that proceeds from the false presumption that they liked us in the first place. The answer is complex and requires a view from several angles.

After the attacks of 9/11 many of our more socially sensitive citizens opined why these people hate us. Naturally, for them, the government is the most convenient scapegoat. We've all seen the foreigner being interviewed about their views towards America. The boilerplate answer is something like "we love Americans but we oppose their government's policies". Heard that 30 years ago when I lived overseas, I hear it still. Some things never change.

Our political system has evolved to prioritize political energies to consider Self, Family, Party, Country, God... in that order, despite the stepford political platitudes that drool out the mouths of our politicians pontificating otherwise. So it has aspects to despise.

The point I'm digressing to is that we can't put it all the blame on the government. Some of it is social. Some of it is cultural and we can't do anything about that. It would take so many words to express the reason they hate us.. I think a better way to explain my point is by using imagery to build an argument.

"Why They Hate Us" Part I
Let Us..Entertain You..Let Us..Make You Smile

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DonSurber said...

Hear hear!
I too could not care less why they hate us. Been hearing this for nearly 4 years

IOpian said...


Thanks for coming by. I checked out your blog at and will add it to my list.

Let me comment here about my view of Sen. Byrd.

There still exists such a thing as GRACE and DUTY to country. I think one attribute that we Americans place on our heroes is that they put the good of all before their own well-being.

What will Senator Byrd's legacy be? Will that legacy be that the Senator worked a lifetime building the institution of government or an institution of Self ?

Now comes Grace... if he simply retires and doesn't go out rejected.