Saturday, June 04, 2005

Ted Turner's Delusion

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Today's spotlight on fallacious reasoning comes from Ted Turner. Ted gives us a example of the fallacious reasoning known as: Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc meaning "After this, therefore because of this". Or: A occurs before B therefore A is the cause of B.

This is a piece from the Brit Hume's online Special Report. There is an interesting paragraph concerning Ted Turner's delusions of grandeur.

"Amazingly, Turner also claimed some credit for ending the standoff with the Soviet Union. Pointing to his sponsorship of the Goodwill Games, along with CNN, he said, 'I thought, between sports and news and television and friendship, that you could end the Cold War and, by God, we did.'"

Ahh.. we gathered round about the fortress of the Soviet Empire, circled it 7 times singing Kumbaya and the walls came tumbling down. How does with a simple-minded worldview as this have so much money and influence?

Here are the actual people that can claim to have caused the death blow to the Soviet Union:

Lech Walesa... The Irresistible Force

Ronald Reagan... The Unmovable Object

Sorry Ted, you are but a footnote in history compared to these men.

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