Saturday, June 04, 2005

Koranic Desecration

Link:La Shawn Barber concerning Koranic Desecration

La Shawn Barber is a far kinder person than I and apparently the moonbats are railing against her and using language about her most foul and untrue. So La Shawn, on the impossibly small chance you should read this, please direct this pond scum my way. I'll shred him a new one for ya.

We are being played by a bunch of half-wits here folks and the sad thing being the timid hand-wringers of our culture pointing a finger at the evil American military machine are facilitating the enemy. You can google the Al-Qaeda handbook and things ought to look familiar to the current headlines.

You know ignorance is simply not knowing something but stupidity is knowing something is adverse to your well-being and doing it anyway, like helping these Gitmo vermin get out.

These Pollyana's in international human rights organizations also disregard the humiliating extent our soldiers have to go through with prisoners that throw their body wastes at the guards. Take one time for me and the sharks around Gitmo would be feasting on Mideast cuisine. I think the fact we don't hear more of these false accussations against our troops testifies to their professionalism and our soldiers go to absurd extremes to not offend these animals.

For instance the guards are told to use two hands while handling the 'Holy' book.

So is this desecretion of the Koran?

Believers of the Religion of Piece
Koran in one hand a PIECE in the other.
A father and fatwah fodder.

A clip from an online Palestinian dating service.

And the ever popular Mideast Klavern of the Koran Klux Klan.
Of course you are to never hold it below your waist either.

I've always wondered... does Allah really need you guys to do his killing for Him? Doesn't the Koran say that if Allah wants something to BE He just says so and it IS ? Like if He wanted a virgin to give birth to a body for the Holy Spirit to dwell among men and set them on the RIGHT PATH ? ... Hello.... tap...tap... is this thing on?

So might this indignation be a little pretentious? The muslim logic is that because unbelievers, people that don't know the customs, mishandle their 'Holy' book they have committed a great heresy. Yet believers,people that should know the custom, show their irreverance for it while spewing their ill-conceived hatred for some of Allah's Creation and that is somehow acceptable.

Now ask yourself what reverance the Muslims show for the Judeo-Christian holy books from which Islam is borrowed ? When you start respecting ours we'll respect yours. When you hate the Jew you hate the children of Abraham the Patriarch. Your cousins.

I see this hypocrisy for what it is. I'm not going to use the word but I can tell you I've stepped in it a couple of times and I can make this distinction unlike these seventh-century throwbacks:


Mrs.T said...

I like your point of view!!

Mrs.T said...

PS. If you are up for some sparring go here : -- I'm not a very good activist or even humanitarian, so I'm assuming they just see me as fly buzzing around to swat at.

IOpian said...

mrs. t,

I went there and looked. I saw you in there knocking heads. However, these people are quoting The Village Voice and Randi Rhodes so they are probably insufficiently armed for a battle of wits.

Would be like beating up on a quadraplegic. You might do damage but they would never realize it. In this case they are paralized from the head up.

I did read through some of it. I was hoping I would find out where Jimmy Hoffa was buried, how many flying saucers are in Area 51 and who fired the shot from the grassy knoll. I'm sure if those answers were there they would involve Bush in some way.