Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A Stem Cell A Day...

Abortionist accused of eating fetuses

Thought I'd heard it all. But this is an interesting conundrum in the liberal view.

We have an licensed abortionist that removes unwanted lumps of tissue from the body of a pregnant woman and improperly disposes of this hazardous material by eating it. Since liberal thought disregards this tissue as being a human being, he couldn't be committing canabalism, which is the only thing I can think of as being a crime in this story.

I wonder if there is actually a law that says if a doctor removes an appendix and eats it, then a crime has been committed? I mean it's just a lump of tissue... like chicken.... why all the fuss?"

So why do most of us find this appalling ? Because deep down inside, under all that gender-based politics and me-first mentality, we all know he is eating a baby human being.

That's if this is a true story. Pretty wacked out stuff.

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