Thursday, June 16, 2005

Can You Spot The Idiot ?

Googling 'Dick Durbin' and ran across some quotes. I got to looking at them and they frame out where this guy is coming from. Seems to be in line with the normal pretentious bilge we'd expect from any politician. So let's examine them and get a rough outline of Durbin's view of the GWOT.

Dick Durbin Quotes:

It is only with valid, credible, good intelligence that we are able to anticipate someone who is trying to cause harm to the American people or to strike us in our territory or to, frankly, attack our special interests around the world. Intelligence is a critical part of our national defense."

Ok sounds good. Now how do we get that intelligence? Would the Senator allow an illegal combatant to be slapped around a bit to save 3,000 lives?

"There is no room for legal hair-splitting when it comes to the humane treatment of detainees - not in a nation founded on the rule of law and respect for human rights. "

But there is a question of their status under international law.

Then there is the required bold and noble platitude:

"We all join the President in applauding the sacrifices made by our brave men and women in uniform. But we must continue to provide them the tools they need to accomplish the difficult tasks theyface."

One of the things they need Senator is for people like you to STFU while their lives are endangered.And to further reaffirm his loyalty to our fellow citizen soldiers we get these encouraging words:

"If I read this to you and did not tell you that it was an FBI agent describing what Americans had done to prisoners in their control, you would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime - Pol Pot or others - that had no concern for human beings."

What should our troops fighting in the heat of Iraq or the cold mountains of Afghanistan think when they hear of these horrendous mistreatment described by you on the senate floor:

"On one occasion, the air conditioning had been turned down so far and the temperature was so cold in the room, that the barefooted detainee was shaking with cold. ..... On another occasion, the [air conditioner] had been turned off, making the temperature in the unventilated room well over 100 degrees. The detainee was almost unconscious on the floor, with a pile of hair next to him. He had apparently been literally pulling his hair out throughout the night. On another occasion, not only was the temperature unbearably hot, but extremely loud rap music was being played in the room, and had been since the day before, with the detainee chained hand and foot in the fetal position on the tile floor.

The Horror !
If you are unable to comprehend the implications of your freedom to speak your conscience then here is an article by the enemy propoganda machine:

Aljazeera.Net - US senator stands by Nazi remark
And how is this not giving aid and comfort to the enemies of America?

So what do these disgusting abuses look like?
Warning !! Contains images that might be disturbing to some viewers.You have been warned.
Gitmo Atrocities

Senator, is it within your mental capacity to understand the harm such outrageous comparisons do to our troops? I have invented a little flash card type game to hone your perception skills. I call it...

Can You Spot The Idiot ?

And now our Word For The Day:

de-lu-sion: n.

1. The act or process of deluding.
2. The state of being deluded.
3. A false belief or opinion: labored under the delusion that success was at hand
4. Psychiatry. A false belief strongly held in spite of invalidating evidence, especially as a symptom of mental illness: delusions of persecution.

Additional information and opinion.

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