Thursday, June 02, 2005

Religion-Free Schools

How the roaches get in:
WorldNetDaily: CAIR distributes Quran banned as anti-Semitic:

In our politically correct world what would be the response if we changed the line in this excerpt to 'The Meaning of the Holy Bible'?
"According to the Los Angeles Times, about 300 copies of 'The Meaning of the Holy Quran' were donated in December 2001 to the Los Angeles Unified School District by a local Muslim foundation as a goodwill gesture in response to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Jim Konantz, director of information technology for the district, said the usual review process was skipped for an unknown reason, and he received a complaint from a history teacher. "

"It's not an issue of whether the Quran should be available in the library," Konantz told the Times in a February 2002 story. "It's like any other research volume. But these interpretations are certainly in question."
What this paragraph says to me is the Muslim foundation that donated 300 copies of Koran Lite to the LA School district were essentially saying "Here... understand why we attacked you."

And is this the same Los Angeles that was throwing such a hissy over a cross on the city emblem? Why aren't those same people up in arms over something like this?

Then there is this statement from a person in a state where the mere presence of a cross sends progressives into a frothing frenzy of pseudo-indignation that the availability of a text promoting a religion on public property is not an issue.

Wake up and smell the coffee folks.

It's one thing to hear the church bells on Sunday morning but I'll be damned if I'm going to tolerate chants 5 times a day every day.

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