Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Why Do They Hate Us ? Iranian Style - Jun 14, 2005
Rafsanjani: U.S. must do more

This article contains this choice little nugget from the former president of Iran and soon to be president of Iran ( in an open and fair election of course ):

'The United States before the [Islamic Revolution of 1979], and even after the revolution, has shown hostility toward Iran,' Rafsanjani said.'

'Before the revolution you supported the regime of the shah that treated people very badly, and even after the revolution the United States has not been very good to us.'

I guess the president is suffering short-term memory loss. So maybe these words and phrases will jog his memory... Death to America....The Great Satan.... the number 52..... the number 444 .... hezbollah.... Beirut..... Comin back to you Rafsi? If you want a friend maybe you ought to try being a friend.

Personally I want to see 1,000,000 Iranians young and old dancing in the streets as you and the mullahs swing from the streetlamps.

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