Friday, June 24, 2005

Speed, Speed, Speed

Governor vows to slow down his SUV

First of all I like Bill Richardson. I always considered him one of the 'grownups' in the Clinton Administration. I don't agree with his politics but I think the guy is a straight shooter most the time. Here he experiences a little problem with the law that may be familiar to many of us so I won't rag the guy about that. However.... I did notice this little item:

Richardson said he is "not above the law" but admitted "sometimes I have gone fast, too fast."

The latest speeding controversy involved a June 2 incident in which the governor's state police driver refused to stop for an Albuquerque police officer who noticed Richardson's 2004 Lincoln Navigator sport-utility vehicle going at a high rate of speed on an interstate frontage road.

Now wait a minute. I seem to recall seeing Richardson being anit-ANWAR drilling, keen on environmental issues such as conservation. The beauty of the internet is you don't have to ponder these things very long. Googled 'Bill Richardson Energy Policy' and on the first page there it was with a few choice nuggets:
PBS Richardson Interview
Frontline April 10, 2001

The Bush administration is using the panic, "It's a crisis," theory to energy also, as they did with the economy and their tax cut rationale. On energy, the Bush people are saying, "We've got an energy crisis, so let's drill in the Arctic,"--a fragile ecosystem. Or, "Let's drill anywhere and the heck with all environmental regulations." That is wrong. They're not emphasizing conservation, energy efficiency--the demand side. It's all production. It's all drill, drill, drill.

So that Richardson can Speed, Speed, Speed..... but I digress.

There has to be a balance. In the Clinton administration, we promoted that balance. But the Republican Congress would only approve a little bit on the production side, and nothing on the conservation and energy efficiency side. So we have the stalemate. This is what worries me about, in the end, producing a viable energy policy. ...

So he believes in conservation and energy efficientcy does he?
2004 Navigator Gas Mileage

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