Saturday, September 13, 2008

Whose View ?

The show The View should change its name to the The Far Left Idiotic View. I doubt they would be so politically animated if Obama were on the show where they would never ask their Lord anything about his Kenyan grandmother and other family members saying he was born in Kenya or how he and Ayers spent the money for the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. I doubt Charles Gibson would either.

Breitbart TV shows us the intellectual depth of Whoopi Goldberg.
( Barbara Walters was even worse about Cindy's houses. )

I wish McCain had responded along the lines " As the only person sitting here that has actually lost five years of his life in involuntary servitude I am offended at the way you flippantly joke about it. "


Anonymous said...

That was just sad. McCain didn't say he wanted to repeal the 14th Amendment, did he?

And what was with Barbara, she looked liked she was trying to avoid anything even approximating eye contact with the devil...

IOpian said...

I've heard that liberals are accepting of other views... I've heard it... I have yet to actually see it.