Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Aborted Flag Flap

I just got back from celebrating Ramadan at my favorite small town cafe with an order of sirloin tips on rice and smothered onions and bell peppers with a great brown gravy. Happy Ramadan everyone.

While I was enjoying my midday feast they had Fox News on ( this is middle America after all ) and I saw this upcoming McCain rally in Colorado Springs. It is on now as I write this. What is absolutely hilarious is they are passing out American flags that were discarded after the Democrats convention. Nice way of making a statement. But never, ever question the Democrat's patriotism.

Here is some advice to the Republicans.. have someone write another stump speech for Palin or take the bridle off and let her run free. The rally I saw yesterday she appeared to simply be reading her convention speech. They should keep in mind that almost everyone already knows the punch-lines and the points. Just because 40 million tuned in doesn't mean that is all that saw it. There may be another hundred million more that watch it on the internet. I watched it 3 times myself. It only supports the accusation that she was simply reading her lines at the convention. She can make the same points but without the exact same wording and timing.

Like instead of doing the build up to selling the plane on Ebay and firing the chef she could try using that in the past tense as a story that we already share... "you know when I sold that plane on Ebay and subjected the kids to Mom and Dad's cooking I saved the people of Alaska so many millions of dollars" This gives us a sort of shared experience.

Another thing they need to keep in mind is that maybe they should lighten up on McCain's POW experience. It wouldn't dishonor him to emphasize his maverick reformer status a little more. Everyone knows the POW story. If they continue to pound this in then he will suffer the Kerry 'I was in Vietnam' effect.


nanc said...

i can't believe you ate BEEF for the first day of ramadan! now you must double up on pork tomorrow.

she should be turned loose - i agree.

great write-up, iopian.

*8] those're my sarah palin specs - did you see alison camarota on fox news this morning trying some on? they'll be the rage and i'm getting some for myself. oh. yes. i. am.

nanc said...

fyi - here's one vid.

here's the initial vid.

IOpian said...

nanc, I take care of the pork requirement at first light in the morning.

go for it oh. yes. you. can.