Friday, September 05, 2008

Dem Talking Point Interpreter

Running out for lunch I had the radio on and heard a Dem spokesman using the same propaganda I've heard during the news, convention and have read on their responses. In fact after Palin field-dressed Obama like any good Obamatron stuck in a 'that does not compute' loop they could only reboot to their talking points and recite in their wide-eyed fixated way these points.

Now it seems to me that team Obama has a ton of money and I would think they could hire someone like me as their in-house critic to advise them on the obvious openings they expose with phrases like this. But for the good of those that seek truth I believe I will make a list of some of the more common ones and advice for them. Feel free to contribute your own in the comments.

1. "John McCain has voted 95% of the time with George Bush."
This is an attempt to get those with a single cerebral hemisphere operating to go "oh McCain is Bush" to implant the idea that electing McCain is like a Bush third term. They apparently didn't pay attention to previous Republican primaries.

My first thought to this statement would be that the President doesn't vote. He has the veto. I know the two words have the same letters but they do have different meanings.

I would then add that Obama probably has voted 100% of the time with Harry 'Wrong Way' Reid who actually does have a vote but thinks it is a veto. The question I would pose is do you think the public actually wants another Reid who co-presides over the worst Do-Nothing Congress in history with single digit approval ratings to be spawned into the White House ?

2. "Republicans are divisive"
This one is simple. Not agreeing with them.

3. "Bi-Partisan."
Another simple one. "We'll work with you as long as you do it our way".

4. "Re-Deploy our troops."
Cut and run, unconditional withdrawal for the sake of the party not the country.

5. "Clean up Washington"
They actually mean 'clean up in Washington' by bringing in their pork specialist to clean your pockets.

6. "A real agent for change".
If this phrase was food you'd starve to death. All Presidents run to change things.

7. "This administration's failed policies" sometimes "Bush's failed policies"
This is a budding of their projection. In reality they mean our Congress' failed policies. Pelosi loves this one.

8. "Raise corporate taxes"
This means they're going to ultimately raise your taxes but run it through a few slights of hands first. This is the governmental version of money laundering.

9. "Community Organizer"
What a heroin pusher is to heroin addiction a community organizer is to government dependency.

10. "The Working Class"
Those receiving government assistance because they're not trying to find work.

11. "Diplomacy"
A favored method to alleviate the fear of the political consequences of making a forceful stand on principle regardless the cost.

12. "Mainstream"
Those of wealth and prominence whose dinner parties they attend.

13. "The American People"
See item 12.

14. "McCain can't remember how many houses he owns."
Interpretation: Since John and Cindy have separate finances and he is away in D.C. quite a bit he is not really sure how many she owns since he respects, trusts and loves his wife and keeps his nose out her business.

15. "The Religious Right"
Anybody that belongs to a traditional religion where the name 'Jesus' or its variation is actually spelled correctly and uttered often. They all believe the same things, so says the strawman the party has created.

16. "Liberal Democrat"
The words that shall not be spoken. There is no such thing.  See item 12 for the correct usage. If needed the word 'progressive' should be used.

17. "Those that cling bitterly to their religion and guns."
The real mainstream. These are people that have read the first and second amendments without the advice of a lawyer or scholar and believe they are more than 'Just Words' and mean exactly what they say.

18. "Fair and Balanced"
The truth after being examined by an astute group belonging to the mainstream.
( see item 12. )

19. "Women/Woman"
Only includes females with liberal beliefs.

20. "Fighting the real enemy"

21. "Worst President Ever"
"Damn he's making us look clueless."

22. "We/I have a plan."
...but please don't ask us for specifics.

23. "Democrat Nominee."
George Soros's selection.

24. "Choice"
Birth control by any means necessary.

25. "Universal Health Care."
An additional source of revenue to be converted to earmarks to assure re-election.

26. "Social Security."
Precursor to item 25 but this source of revenue is imperiled and it is of highest priority to push for item 25.

27. "Personal Responsibility"
ERROR: Term unknown.

28. "Patriotic"
The idiotic belief that country comes before party.

29. "Swiftboating"
Believing a person at the center of a controversy is telling the truth and the 250 eyewitnesses are all lying.


nanc said...

you are sooooooooo good at this!

remember - traditional women don't count.

IOpian said...

Well there is indeed hope and change coming. I would prefer that 54% of our people who deserve it get their due before the 15% who demand it.