Thursday, September 11, 2008

Something Rather Odd

I saw the McCains and Obama at ground zero but no Michelle. I heard she was at home with the girls. Maybe they are ill. Maybe she was. I would surely understand.

But why do I think that this is just an excuse because in her mind she thinks we got just what we deserved and there is nothing to honor about that? I mean she said that Obama getting in the race was the first time she was proud of America. Guess she missed the firefighters, someone's son, husband, brother, father, rushing up the towers knowing it could be a one way trip. Or the people who escaped the Pentagon only to run back in to save others. Maybe she was unaware of the opening moments of the war when the American spirit fought back in the skies over Pennsylvania and denied the enemy of any further victories from that moment on.

Guess we may never know but it was odd.


nanc said...

i believe she's ticked because she knows her heinous is about to board the nobama know...once biden suddenly becomes ill...

yeah, i know it sounds like a conspeory, but it's not that farfetched.

IOpian said...

Maybe we should get a poll going for what day Biden will have his 'Eagleton' moment. Bringing Hillary onboard may not have the effect he wants... do overs never come off as looking decisive. The Democrat Party already looks like the Chicago political machine. Yes all you 18 million folks, thanks for your votes but we've selected or candidate but we'll give you a consolidation prize.