Saturday, September 27, 2008

Debate Suggestions For Palin

Here's a few thoughts on the upcoming VP debate:

1. Palin needs to sell herself and not John McCain. She needs to drop the sales pitch we already know. She needs to appear to be running for President because, in fact, she is in a way.

2. She needs to drop the cutesy high pitched speech uptick like she is talking to a class full of students. She needs to be matter-of-fact in her speech. A little sarcasm might not hurt.

3. She needs to come out in total bitch mode. She needs to look over at Biden and see the image of Todd drunken and covered in lipstick. Then weigh into him. Keep in mind that nothing bites deeper than an attractive woman's sarcastic rejection. Might not be a bad idea for Todd to piss her off before she goes on.

4. She needs to play into Biden's Washington insider status. She needs to keep reminding him that, no, she doesn't have his years of experience dealing with lobbyists.

5. She needs to hit the press a time or two. If Biden gets condescending she needs to remind him she isn't Tina Fey but Chief Executive of a state. In fact, she needs to substitude the term instead of Governor. "as Chief Executive I am the one that would appoint the US Senator in case one cannot continue in the office." The word 'executive' needs to be used at every possible opportunity.

6. She needs to have every Biden gaffe drilled into her memory. She might talk about the recent rally in The Villages. 'Senator Biden, I believe you've been there'. A slight reference to the video of a drunken Biden singing The Villages commercial theme song.

7. At every opportunity take a shot at Obama without mentioning his name if the subject of national security comes up. Remind the people that is why he chose Biden to fill the gap.

8. Memorize every mistake Biden has made on national security and be ready for a quick sarcastic retort.

9. Don't miss an opportunity to hit him with something out of left field that he hadn't prepared for like his exageration of his getting forced down in Afghanistan and taking incoming fire in the Green Zone.

( McCain needs to do this to Obama to get him angry and defensive. With a surprise question about what passport Obama used to get into Pakistan when he was twenty Obama would have never seen it coming and without a teleprompter would have gone into uh uh mode. )

10. Sexism is a double edge sword. Get Biden to appear to be talking down to this little lady. Women are going to make or break this election so stir their anger at this man and men in general. Especially arrogant snobbish men that refer to women as 'sweetie'.

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