Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rewards Of Democrat Social Engineering

You know how you can tell if a Democrat is lying... their mouth is moving.

I suspect the reality why members of the Democrat Black Caucus are so defensive is they were protecting their failed policy of trying to give poor blacks an opportunity to own their own home. There is nothing wrong with the fundamental concept. The fault is basing this goal solely on one's skin color and not the content of their character.
Now I've noticed when arguing with liberals about the sleaze factor of Democrats they will do the tit-for-tat with you. "Well the Republicans did this or did that." But when confronted with irrefutable evidence, such as this video, then they turn to generalities. "Well they're all a bunch of crooks". As this video shows... no they are not. Republicans wanted what was good for the country and not a common ethnic sympathy. That isn't racism. That is simply fact. If you want to point the finger of racism then direct it to people like Waters and Meeks who based their policy on the advancement of a single ethnic group over all others.

It is imperative we get these low-life half-wits out of positions of power. Especially Barney Frank, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.