Monday, September 15, 2008

The Obama Doctrine

The Obama Doctrine: If you can't dazzle them with teleprompter brilliance, baffle them with ever evolving BS. When exposed counter by prefacing sentences with 'As I have clearly stated in the past, I uh uh.'

Obama on withdrawing troops from Iraq:


He said the November 7 midterm elections -- when Democrats won control of both houses of Congress for the upcoming session -- were a call for a "realistic" strategy, not one "driven by ideology and politics."


This is so transparent yet it goes right over the head of the elite punditry, especially his newest devotee Bill O'Reilly. He wants to be seen as the one that ended this 'illegal' UN mandated war.

Cocky arrogant fool isn't he? I'm wondering if it is even legal to attempt to usurp a sitting President's foreign policy.

Of course his campaign is denying it and we all know that only McCain lies. Democrats would never stoop to such a level as to misrepresent the truth:
"These outright distortions will not changes the facts -- Senator Obama is the only candidate who will safely and responsibly end the war in Iraq and refocus our attention on the real threat: a resurgent Al-Qaeda and Taliban along the Afghanistan/Pakistan border."


Eileen said...

The Logan Act dictates that it is a FELONY punishable by a fine and 4 years in a federal Pen.

IOpian said...

Now if we could just find someone with the courage to enforce it. Unfortunately Edwards is right there are two Americas. There's those who are subject to the law and those who