Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama's 3 Lipsticked Pigs Strategy

Team Obama has approached this campaign with a 3 three-stage strategy.

The first two target the Manchurian conditioning of their followers:

1. Hear No Evil: Pay no attention to what The Evil Ones say about The One. Under no circumstances think critically for yourself. Be not afraid, The One you have been waiting for will provide your thinking when needed.

2. See No Evil: Never watch Ads or YouTube videos that lie about The One. Do not read anything critical of The One for they are but lies of The Evil One. Visit conservative blogs only as a mission of trollatude and repeatedly write the slogans you have been given. Never be lead astray by their calling for reasoned written exchange.

Now, having completed the first two stages the third stage is meant for those yet to be converted. The Non-Obamunists Infidels who will never see The Light.

3. Speak No Evil: This effort is currently underway in Missouri.

But in the end I am afraid The One, who has promised a new kind of politics in his prophetic visions, has said it best: "You can put lipstick on a pig but it is still just a pig".

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