Friday, September 12, 2008

Test Your Morals

Here's mine for moral foundation. Blue is liberal, red is conservative and green is your score. There are a bunch of questionares and this is the first one.

Via The Jawa Report I Highly recommend following the link and read the entire article by a liberal explaining why Republicans may be not quite as dumb as Democrats think. That is where I found this morality test.

Here is another essay that once I read it I was profoundly influenced because the author consolidated my own observances that I could never quite bottle up:
( Now for some of you it may be a bit of a put-off that he comes at this from an evolutionary angle but that is minor because it is the point he makes downstream that is relevant )

GagDad Bob: Why Can't Democrats Be More Like A Man

In my opinion this guy is dead on in his view and for me it was one of those things that actually clarified and validated my view of why Democrat men are so feminized.


nanc said...

i took the test, but i'll be dayamed if i know what the results mean!

now i'm off to read the jawa.

nanc said...

this is getting good...

IOpian said...

It is a long deep read but it is one of those things that stays on your mind the next day and clarifies what you and I have already observed about the liberal mind. But even after the guy does the research he still can't change himself.

nanc said...

don't spoil it for me!

i have to get back to it - we spent the day trying to get three acres mowed and all our lawn furniture, tools, vehicles all in place and i'm only about 2/3 the way through the last article - it's POURING!

are you out of harm's way?

IOpian said...

yep got a little rain and now some wind but not anything major. Looks like you're going to get a good soaking.

nanc said...

ike went through here at about two a.m. this morning - power/phones out - sat down on us for a good hour or so and we got power back by 11:30 or so, then it went out again! some people we know over in the fayetteville area won't have power until the middle of this week.

i can only imagine what it was like on the coastline.