Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not Quite 'The One'

Biden comes up a little short of the healing powers of 'The One' when he is unable to get a man to arise from a wheelchair.


nanc said...

iopian - much worse than this amazing non-feat - did you hear where bin biden has said hill would make a better running mate than he?

look for him to bow out so she can get her fat ankles back into the show!

i just knew this would happen once palin was on the scene.

IOpian said...

That is an interesting thought. I saw the Hillary thing. I also saw the Biden drunk thing. It would just underscore 'The One's' poor judgment with just weeks to go. That way be the lunch pow wow topic between Bill and Barry.

I just read an article about some people that encountered McCain and Palin who had a Downs child. The second one I've read and in both cases that made the comments about how down to Earth McCain is and how 'real' Palin is. Not sure Hillary could ever be seen that way. But it would make Barry look so clueless and self absorbed. Instead of picking a candidate with the people in mind he picked one to make up for his personal short coming to hold his hand on foreign policy.

nanc said...

he's meeting with clinton for lunch this week...

as for biden calling people up out of wheelchairs - perhaps we should start calling him "binnyhinn biden"?

i'm remembering 9/11 today - actually, there's hardly a day go by it doesn't creep into my memory.