Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Arbitrary Orbital Point Day

Today we celebrate one full rotation of the planet to an arbitrary point in its orbit.

Be sure and put 09 on your checks.


nanc said...

thank you for the reminder.


good day to you too.

IOpian said...

Well I decided to work today but if you check Van's comments you may notice I am not giving it 100% of my attention. Hope I don't make any teachers mad but sorry... their vocation is dominated by uneducated leftists... like those people that think we have a democracy..

A huge mistake Bush made in Iraq is to use the term democracy instead of liberty. Hillary, Kerry, Hollywood, past Presidents and people that really should know better all think we live in a democracy.... we are sooo in trouble.

nanc said...

a very thoughtful comment.

christians are once again calling for pulling out of public schools to homeschooling - we've homeschooled a couple of years when ours were younger and it's not as easy as it seems, discipline being the major issue. but ours did quite well and were even nominated to skip grades, but we didn't accept.

we are in trouble - with leftists writing history, who'll recognize this nation in a few years?

IOpian said...

I don't recognize it now. This talk about bailing out these failed newspapers disturbs me. Why do they have a need to continue to exist? Nobody is buying their product. But to have the press beholding to financial support from the government is not a free press but a government mouthpiece. ( Technically they already are voluntarily.)