Saturday, January 10, 2009

Iranian Intel Briefing

Shhh. I have just received a copy of the latest intel from the mullah's spies in the US that reveal covert operations planned against them. Be careful, if this ever gets out then they will know that the mullah's know about their plans.


nanc said...

i feel like such a trd, iopian! i've come over here to read this on several occasions - actually got to the article, read the first page - something caught my eye somewhere else and here i am again not having finished the about my S.A.S.S. (short attention span syndrome) kicking in.

there is a greeting card my family has gotten for my birthday for a few years in a row - i found another blank one in some paperwork i was going through. it has a photo of a lady on the front holding a cat and the captions are "my memory is so bad..." "how bad is it?" and you open it up and it says, "how bad is what?"

yeah, they like to sneak that one in on me once a year.

IOpian said...

Oh its just another basic weekly slap at the NY Times. In their we all should keep kicking them when they're down.

Bing an info junkie I do the same... like a hummigbird have to dash between on thing or another.

Now.. what was I going to say about the card...... hmmm.... right on the edge of my...oh well...