Friday, January 09, 2009

Our Reichstag Fire

Sometimes I think the Democrats let the housing sector explode to create the crisis for them to rush big government policies into effect. The bigger the government gets the less freedom we have. They could use it to blame the President's party because most voters are idiots that will fall for anything they saw on TV in this plastic soundbite culture. And what happens ? The same party that has driven the economy into the ground whose Congress is the most unapproved in history somehow gains seats ? If this is what they see as the goal of being a good American then call me Anti-American.

America would be a great place if it weren't for some Americans. 52% to be exact.


Kelly said...

I can't remember if I told you about the new blog that I am doing with Phelonius of Sciolist Salmugundi. But if I didn't here is a link to that new We did it as a voice of responsible citizens on the conservative side.

IOpian said...

Hey, that is great news. Will head over there.