Sunday, January 04, 2009

Democrat Follies

Entertainment brought to you by the DNC
The Democrats kind of remind me of this awkward high school football player doing permanent bench duty. He's a substitute quarterback that criticizes others' efforts and makes sure everyone knows how much better he could do if the coach just had the good sense to put him in. ( visualize John Kerry on the Yale football team. ) Then when he gets his chance he jumps up and trips on his shoelaces as he runs onto the field while trying to get his chin strap on. Then on the first snap he drops back and stumbles on his uncoordinated feet.

We saw what we got in 06 when Pelosi promised to clean out the swamp. The year before Katrina had uncovered that $90,000 had flushed out of the swamp and landed in the refrigerator of Rep. William Jefferson's ( D ). Fortunately the few National Guard that were not in Iraq were able to row him over to his house to secure the money for the people of Louisiana.

Then we had the mortgage banking crisis. You may recall Pelosi coming out of work like a guilty child, 'this isn't out fault. It wasn't me it was that damned Bush and his failed policies'. A sure indication the exact opposite is true. Later we saw videos showing clearly that this was allowed to happen by the democrat's political stupidity to gain votes through bribed oversight failure brought the whole house of cards down. The names Frank and Dodd come to mind. Isn't Dodd under investigation in a related matter. Isn't he on the side of the stalwart Senators opposing to seat Blago's duly appointed Senator because the Governor of Illinois is under investigation just like him? Interesting ethical reasoning there.

Keep in mind that Blago is only accused. The tapes were damning but are they evidence that any crime has taken place? Conspiracy maybe? It seems only right that any body that will allow a member like Dodd, under the cloud of suspicion around him, to be seated but not Blago's appointment for being no more guilty as a sitting member must be doing it for other reasons.... humm what other reason? Oh, Harry Reid will not accept a black person from Illonois. Now being the Senate Majority leader is a powerful position and state's tremble at his every utterance. Don't believe me? Just look it up in the Costitution. I doubt the Congressional Black Caucus will think highly of this. For that matter I'm not really sure what the Congressional White Caucus thinks about it either. But we know what a racist organization those whites have .

Now the Democrats are in a bit of a pickle if they block the appointed Senator from Illinois because they think the governor is a crook ( so much for the presumed innocence Dodd or Rangel and Jefferson in the House enjoy ). However, this time they are having the race card played on them.

Team Obama has lost Richardson now... because of a corruption investigation. The Clinton and Obama names will probably be heard as of January 12, 2009 when the Hsu trial begins. Anybody heard how's Rezko doing ? Interesting how Obama's shadow is cast over all these incidents isn't it? Will Hillary be following Richardson to the podium for a sorrowful resignation from her appointment?

Up to this point this government hasn't even come to power yet and already its brand is defined by scandal and who goes down next. All this despite the Democrats having already won the hearts and minds of the media. Any buyer's remorse out there yet. Going through BDS withdrawals? Are progrssives going to have to resort to eating their own to expunge their delusions.

Hit the field running Dems but watch out for those shoelaces... whoops never mind.

Looks like Coach Kaine will be coming in to replace Coach Dean.

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