Thursday, January 22, 2009

Question for Obama

Before Obama commits more troops to the 'real war' against terrorist someone needs to ask him what his exit strategy is. It'll need to be a big-time blogger or Rush... it is obvious that any MSM 'journalist' that had the courage to do so would quickly be despised by his peers as a heretic.

In reality, the only need for a exit strategy is to figure out how to run away with a tail between the legs. The Left seems to think an exit strategy is required for any conflict so let's go along with their views on this even if we see it otherwise.


Phelonius said...


War has been declared, and we must be good for that.

The blood of those that have been spilled already in our past is calling to us to be good for the things they fought for.

Now is the time and the place is here. I only pray that the war can be fought in the ballot box.

Long live the Republic.

nanc said...

he's more than likely working on his second and third terms...