Sunday, December 28, 2008

Common Sense Path to Peace.

You may recall the old standard joke.. guy goes to the doctor. "Doctor, doctor my arm hurts every time I do this" Doctor replies "Well stop doing that!"

Hamas goes to the world "Help us, help us. Every time we fire a couple of hundred rockets into Israel they attack us." Well stop firing rockets into Israel!

Living things from insects to most humans understand that if you threaten the hive you are causing an increased risk that you are going to get stung by bees exercising their natural right of self-defense. Best not to disturb the hive. Leave it in peace. Try not to learn pain avoidance the hard way.

The quickest way to peace is to simply keep out of this and not stay the hand of Israel.


nanc said...

moonbat to doctor: "it only hurts when i breathe!"

you know the rest!

IOpian said...

ahh if only it were that easy.

nanc said...

some people cannot read the writing on the wall, but they endeavor to understand and explain evolution - go figure.

this guy at van's explained the left quite nicely in the cynthia mckinney post.