Saturday, January 17, 2009

Black Tuesday

With MLK Day being Monday and the inauguration of the first half-black man coming Tuesday many people view it as a day of great significance in our history. I believe BLACK TUESDAY would be an appropriate name to memorialize the day.

Now to others, such as myself, I don't care what 'race' the man is. I am not like the racists and bigots that mark the importance of the day based on the man's skin color but on the content of his character and his politics. As far as Obama is concerned I approve of neither. I sadly view next Tuesday as the day all the things that made America great died.


nanc said...

i'm with you, iopian - there are certainly more remarkable things one can do that day, night and the succeeding 1,460+ days and i plan to fill mine with seeing to it that we have a better choice in the next election...IF there is a next election.

did you hear he's going to have his own cable channel? the intonations in that are frightening. he's also asked the fcc to delay the dtv switchover. WHY?

IOpian said...

Was having email conversation last night with friends and one mentioned Hitler disarming the German people in a speech. Went looking and found it to be an urban legend but I did run across his speech to the Reichstag right after he consolidated the Chancellorship and the Presidency. It was much like the calls Obama is making to 'unify' the American people. There are some very familiar calls to service.

I am sitting here at this moment trying to gather info, quotes cross references and such for a post about it.

This guy is mentally unstable. I guess that's why he fits in the party so well.