Thursday, July 10, 2008

Retiring Uncle Sucker

Check out this post of the idiot Pelosi:
Gateway Pundit: RAGING PELOSI Tells Press: "Drilling Is a Hoax" (Video)

Now Drudge has a Huge Red Banner about OPEC.

We need to get our focus off this current mess. These people keep saying we can't drill our way out of the current price problems. However, we can drill our way out of future problems. We should create a five year plan to position ourselves to tell OPEC to shove it. Let the Saudis know that since they haven't lived up to their agreement to provide us the oil we need we rescind our agreement to provide them protection. We have won the war in Iraq and kicked the ass of those we were after. Let's get the hell out of there. Nobody can say we didn't give them a chance.

Tell the Gulf states that we will not protect their shipping through the Straits of Hormuz and tell them we are giving them five years to build their forces for their own protection. Let China and India foot the bill for protection. Tell them in five years we will no longer involve ourselves in their affairs as their Muslim populace wants us out anyway. Let them deal with Iran. Get just as brutal with these pricks as they are with us.

As our production comes online we indicate to Venezuela they need to sell their oil to Cuba. In five years we will no longer buy it while the gutter thug is in power.

Carry it either further and let WalMart know we are going to impose tariffs on Chinese goods over this period and promote domestic products. If we can slow the Chinese economy we can reduce global demand for oil and clean up the air at the same time.

Then walk it like we talk it and pray for a food shortage in the Muslim countries. Sure, we'll sell you wheat... for $100 a pound.

If we're going to be accused of all the bogus evils the world throws at us then we might as well be guilty of it.

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