Saturday, July 12, 2008

Goodbye Tony Snow

I dreaded this day. Being the same age I can't help but feel that the world, not just the new industry, has lost one of the good guys way too soon. With the loss of Russert and now Snow the IQ average of the news business has plummeted steeply.


nanc said...

everybody's coming out for tony and his family today - good to see. i dreaded this day also as i'll be 52 this month. he was one of the good guys. wonder what helen thomas is thinking?

IOpian said...

I wasn't aware that Helen Thomas could think.

My father died of cancer and I know the agony they must have gone through in his last days. With Dad it was almost a relief, once he expired, that the suffering was over. Strange mixture of feelings.

nanc said...

my father also, iopian - lung cancer and my stepdad last year, heart and kidney failure. tony was so young. may his wife and children recover quickly.

i've always thought how it would almost be worth it to know when i would be given a death sentence, all the planning that could be done - then i realize, we're given a death sentence at the very moment we leave the womb, yes?

IOpian said...

Yes and tragically in our sick society some even sooner. I can accept the sentence from God but not from Man.