Sunday, July 06, 2008

Profiles In Judgment: Item #2

The 50% black JFK wannabe bases his superior judgment on his opposition to the invasion of Iraq to rid the world of the despot Hussein. That mission was accomplished in short order and we soon found ourselves adapting to a known unknown, whether rogue elements would start an insurgency.

The truth has been diffused in the American public conscious by election propaganda every 2 years which has resulted in a lot of 'would have, could have, should haves. It is in this ambiguity that such a statement can exist.

But here's what we do know from history and the American that interrogated and spent time with him:

1. Hussein gave the world the impression he had WMD because he feared Iran.

2. Once sanctions were over he intended to reconstitute his weapons programs.

3. He had no qualms about using them against Iran.

4. He had launched missiles against Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

5. He harbored the world's most notorious terrorists.

6. He financially supported the intifada.

These are facts that will withstand scrutiny. Most of this was known to the 50% black JFK wannbe at the time he made his superior judgment that appeasement and containment were the course to take. Just as we had for the previous 12 years between 1991 and 2003.

So back to the world of conjecture. Is it not unreasonable to assume that had sanctions been lifted Hussein would have had five years to reinvigorate his WMD programs and we would now find ourselves in a situation where two of the world's significant oil producers would be involved in a WMD arms race with global tensions much like those of the first Iran-Iraq war ? Even worse is that both countries would be very near the acquisition and use of them.

Now, instead of two nuclear armed rogue states we only have to deal with one.

His judgment is not all that superior is it ?

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