Monday, July 21, 2008

The Google Idiot Contest

Google these two phrases and notice the number of hits.

Bush is an idiot.
Obama is an idiot.

No contest.


nanc said...


IOpian said...

I thought you'd enjoy that !!

nanc said...

i mentioned it in the comments section at one of the retort posts - they hate me...oh yes they do...i even threw mccain in for good measure and obama had about two million more than him!

i can almost see some leftist at home on his p.c. typing "mccain is an idiot" and "bush is an idiot" several gazillion times just to up their numbers!

IOpian said...

Try liberal idiots and conservative idiots !!!

I won't join in the fracas but I will certainly pass the ammunition !

IOpian said...

That's if you want to keep their little fingers really busy.

morbidly obtuse said...

Ha ha ha ha, that's hysterical! It's only 6,240,000 difference! Too funny!