Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'd Like an Answer

Open note to the media:

Would someone please ask Obama what his strategy is to win his 'real' war in Afghanistan. Are we going to have a time table to withdraw our troops to victory ?

Anybody notice a trend here. We kick al Qaeda's ass in Afghanistan then they show up in Iraq where we again kick their ass now they show up in Afghanstan/Pakistan. Might the two be tied together by the concept of a global war against terrorist ?


Anonymous said...

So just what is Obama's timetable for withdrawl from Afghanistan?

That's a GREAT question that'll never be asked during the campaign.

IOpian said...

Should Obama win watch the Democrats claim they ended the war in Iraq despite the fact we already have won and are in the process of reducing our forces there.

He says he will send two battalions to Afghanistan and vigorously wage war against our enemy the Taliban and al Qaeda.

From the news I read I hear about battles with the Taliban but not al Qaeda. Why ? Because we beat them severely in Iraq. The place that wasn't the real war.

Kind of hard to keep all those lies and falsehoods in order.