Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Audacity of Hype

Apparently Gordon Brown wanted to limit the photo ops.

When one has no substance then symbolism is the only resort. His campaign has indicated this is to bolster his foreign policy status therefore he must have not had much of one to begin with. How dropping by a country for a day or two makes one an expert on understanding that country is ridiculous.

What snake oil are they pitching at 10 Downing Street? What message are the rubes back home supposed to get from this? The press and the feeble-minded ( sorry for being redundant ) fawn over his appeal to foreigners and they ridicule McCain because he is at home visiting with American voters and looking awkward in a body bearing the measure of his dedication to our country.

Let me state what I think of how what the world thinks of us matters to me. Well, I don't want to foul my blog with that kind of language.

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