Sunday, July 27, 2008

Obama's Civilian Security Force ?

Go ahead, call me a racist. It is so overused for the most trivial of things it means nothing anymore. For what it is worth, my choice for President was Condi Rice but unfortunately we can't get that quality of character and intelligence to put themselves through this sophomoric Presidential 'American Idol-like' pageant.

You see I believe in what Dr. King said about judging people by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. I am not a racist for simply pointing out racist behavior in others. I am not the one dressing up in silly outfits or belonging to an organization based solely on one's color of skin.

When I see the picture below I am humbled and appreciative that people like this exist and I too can call myself an American... just like him. I am moved by what he has selflessly volunteered to bear upon himself.

Now, Obama had the perfect opportunity, being neither wholly black nor white, to appeal to all Americans and truly be a uniter. Yet in his poor judgment he choose to identify himself with only one sub culture. From that decision I am certain this civilian security force is not exactly the Peace Corp because this group's imagined victimization, with a chip on its shoulder, he pandered to couldn't care less about all Americans; the one he chose to associate with for 20 years before disowning it out of political necessity.

So go ahead and call me a racist. You can take your moronic lemming-like thinking and take the plunge right along with all the other mindless followers.


morbidly obtuse said...

I would vote for her in a heartbeat! I can't think of a better choice myself. Not that I'm the smartest when it comes to politics. Seems to me she's got a good head on her shoulders though!

Hope you're feeling better!

nanc said...


stab me in the heart why don't'cha?!?

hasn't she been swooning for obama lately? and what about the fact she comes from a religious stock that disdains the jew? hence, her anticipation of separating israel.


we're sunk.



you're not feeling well? sorry to hear it - i had dental work done today and my mouth feels like they took a jackhammer to it - crown preps and a root removal...jeesh it's hell getting on in years...

IOpian said...

MO and nanc,

I don't care about any specific position a candidate may have that is out of step with groupthink. Nobody can be all things to everybody. I am only conservative fiscally and I don't think there is anything wrong with the 1950's and how you and I were educated nanc. But I don't care what people do, as Jefferson said, that neither pick my pocket nor breaks my leg. But when someone tries it they have an enemy in me. By chance these are usually liberals.

We put too much belief in the idea that all the promises a candidate makes they can actually be delivered or the things they believe will manifest into law. I think the office and events form them more than they form the office. There are a few exceptions but they come along only every couple of decades. Obama is not such a person.

They have all been promising Social Security reform for the last thirty years and once in office they haven't done a thing. Why believe they've changed.

If she were elected it would put to rest, once and for all, this quest for the first woman, first black thing so we can move beyond this nonsense. Though it is not at the forefront I think it is one of the biggest issues our society faces to make the most people feel included. I think it is all folly but I'm not everybody.

I would prefer that conservatives take the Senate so the grownups can keep the house in order and let the children squabble through this thing without doing too much damage.

But we must accept one thing, no matter who is elected President we will effectively be electing a liberal. Conservatives have no one to blame but themselves after their spending fest when they controlled Congress.

Health, yes my neck is killing me. It is sitting in front of a computer all day every day. My eyesight is rapidly getting worse. Starting to think I am developing diabetes.

But I also try to live a quiet life deliberately attempting to avoid any unnecessary stress I can because work already has me maxed out. So when I can't get my destressing/eye rest naps or I am around a lot of people talking about their problems it tips the stress level over the top. My neck locks up, the excruciating headache follows and then I can't sleep because of the pain. Been going on for on for a long time.

I quit a good job as IT Director 10 years ago because I felt surrounded on all quarters by complete idiots. Stressed out constantly with chest pains and headaches. Decided I'd rather work as a happy idiot at a low stress job. Been poor more than once.

I am fortunate now to work from home and making enough money to not worry about too much. God doesn't always give you want but certainly what you need. Why he blesses me I don't know. But a nap at lunch for 15 minutes or so makes all the difference when I can relax my eyes.

This is why I stay away from places like the Retort !! I get so stressed arguing with those tree stumps. I don't mind Dora but that Ducky idiot just makes me want to scream. Smug fool's I cannot tolerate. Ignorance must be punished on the spot.

nanc said...

have you tried sitting back in your chair and spelling out your name with your head in a rotating motion about once an hour for two to three minutes? it DOES help alleviate some of the stiffness.

the pluckster is a hoot! they're all pretty dhim if you ask me...

do you do eye exercises? i find that i can read without glasses if i read more outside in natural light - i'm nearsighted with astygmatism. diabetes on both sides of my family - YIKES!