Sunday, July 13, 2008

Maybe Not Hot Macmood

Was working on the picture below and noticed over at Gateway Pundit a new post that fits rather well: Gateway Pundit: Ahmadinejad: Iran Will Cut Off Hands of the Enemy

I believe I recall Saddam using similar bluster about our stomachs being burned, our hands being cutoff... you know that muslim-male chest-thumbing because they can't satisfy a woman stuff.

Here is my response to Imindeedanutjob.


Phelonius said...

That is what I say, Iopian.

Hit us with a nuke.

Do it. "

I double dare ya."

"Say 'WHAT' one more g-damned TIME!"

IOpian said...

I wish they'd quit dickin around.. does that photo look like we were a better people than our enemy? No it says we're going to kill you without mercy until you do what we say.

Why they aren't carpet bombing the Taliban is beyond me. Iran should have been smacked in 1979. Enough start scaring the crap out of the world.

I always use this example when people say 'well if we nuke Pakistan the Russians might nuke us.' No they won't as her is my example. Long time ago on the tom Snyder show he had a mafia hitman on there with voice and face masked. The guy tells of a hit he did where he walked into a crowded restaurant in NYC. walked up behind his target and blew his head off with a sawed-off shotgun. Snyder goes "my god didn't anybody try to stop you ! "Killer responds 'would you try after you saw what I just did ?"

If we're going to be accused of being worst that all these tyrants we might as well be guilty of it.

Lucky little bitty Israel has testicular fortitude.

nanc said...

i've been reading up on churchill in the past several weeks - he would be amazed at how little we've learned in the past 70 years or so.

IOpian said...

I tell ya nanc this may not sound like it but I love being and American and America warts and all. I get so tired of this nonsense that we are some kind of nation of Ozzie and Harriets. I just read that Chicago is asking for the National Guard. A point I've made for years is that in LA County 400 people are murdered every year. That is one half the number of troops killed in Irag. Iraq has twice the people so LA County is as bad a Iraq. That's one county.

So when these moralist chatter about how we are too moral to torture our enemies then I too can hear Churchill, Truman, Roosevelt, Patton and the thousands of dead troops screaming from their graves.. you bunch of pansyies, go ahead and think that way but get used to losing your country.

Patton needs to arise from the dead and slap about 100 million of us into reality

Phelonius said...

Do you remember when that moran in Venezuela challenged us that he would launch a "100 years war" on the US if we tried to mess with him?

We laughed because it would take about 10 minutes for a cruise missile to eliminate his gene-pool from the planet. What the hell else is he planning for the next 99 years, 11 months, 28 days and however minutes it takes to ge the go-ahead?

IOpian said...

I guess since maggots don't eat ashes not much would be going on during the rest of the century.

I wish when he kicked out the American oil companies they would have destroyed their equipment. A little sand can take out a the engines of a rig. Can't get too far without one.