Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Affirmative Action In Action

Fearing a display of limp-wristed nancy-boy imagery the white house image makers made sure that reality wouldn't be projected at the All Stars game. First they must have strong-armed FOX or the photographer had a man-crush thing going so Obama was presented from a low-angle giving the majestic image of a god at play. Missing was where the ball landed. Then this video came out today showing where the ball landed:

The catcher has taken the affirmative action stance and moved up over the plate to assure the ball, coming up short, would not bonce in the dirt. If the Obama can't deliver all the way then shorten 'all the way'. The basic tenet of affirmative action.

Unfortunately white Republicans are not given such consideration. Instead they are forced to deliver under a lot of pressure ( being killed ), all the way with the added handicap of the weight of a bulletproof vest. And do they deliver:

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