Friday, July 03, 2009

Thoughts on Palin

There is much speculation today about the motivation for Sarah Palin's resignation. The pundits on the left are of course salivating at the possibility that she is resigning on a Friday before a holiday because of looming scandal. Those leftist pundits so like sucking stains out of dirty laundry. Another popular idea is that she is beginning her run for the Presidency. She's in debt from the personal destruction attacks from the leftist political cabal. As a private citizen she will have unrestricted earning potential as well as the ability to build a power base.

The one thing I have not heard anyone address is the possibility of giving voice to the TEA Party movement. She says the things these people are saying. She is repulsed by the same politics-as-usual that this movement objects to at its core. She has the potential to become the voice of the silent majority.

There is no doubt that having been in office for only six months Obama has things so screwed up by 2012 there should be plenty angles on his record to attack. Of course that assumes he hasn't been impeached by then.


nanc said...

hell - i'd vote for marion barry at this point...BWAH!

IOpian said...

speaking of stalkers... don't see much of dora any mora.

nanc said...

we banned her and now she goes to effjays! she's come in about five or six times under different ip's - you've gotta love those trolls - they're like termites!