Sunday, July 12, 2009

Send In The Diversion

AG Holder is contemplating a probe of Bush administration 'crimes'. Notice how this Newsweek article goes to great lengths to set up the context that this isn't the President's idea. Yeah right.

Here's my take on it. Obama's numbers are slipping due to the amount of public discourse that is going on about his socialization of the medical industry. The Grand Boondoggle. He needs to get the public talking about something else so he can use his political slight of hand to get a vote on this by August while the chattering classes are distracted.

The Justice department has no interest investigating things like the illegal firing of an IG for exposing the graft of one of the President's henchmen or prosecuting two New Black Panthers who were clearly intimidating voters. But now something has qualified as a crime so heinious that justice demands an investigation. It just might be possible that the Bush administration devised and approved scaring the hell out of three terrorists that planned and executed the murder of 2,700 innocent citizens who did nothing more than show up to work one day. This cannot stand. That is the front story, the facade of honorable intent spoonfed to the masses.

Most likely, the reality is that the Obamanoids need to put a hold on their master's sinking approval numbers and slipping support for his socialistic policies. Additionally their comrade over at the House has been cornered by her abysmal stupidity and pathological lying about the CIA and what she really knew about the 'torture' of these terrorists. They need a diversion and in such a manner that their master's fingerprints cannot be found on this affair. So when trapped by their own folly they have only one way out, play the Bush/Cheney card. Given the history of these Chicago gangsters it is almost laughable when they accuse Bush or Cheney of anything near criminal. In eight months they have conducted more unethical, possibly illegal, activities and lied far more than anything Bush could have done in his entire eight years.

That's where we are at, another shovel ready project and a lot of bullshit from these gangsters is about to flung to bury the truth.

Truth and Justice the Chicago way.

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