Friday, July 24, 2009

Strawmen of the Left

I was up early this morning doing my coffee and news hour and I ran across a couple of articles that got me thinking about how the leftist mind loves to build straw men arguments about Republicans and their views. There was an article in the Washington Post by Barbara Boxer and John Kerry attacking Palin's suggestion that perhaps if dependence on foreign oil is a problem then why are we not talking about dependence on domestic oil. Instead of even touching that subject Babs veers off on solutions based on the holy grail of clean energy to avert an imaginary global disaster of climate change. You know, just when you think you have climate cornered it goes and changes on you. They condemn anyone opposing their childish fantasies as being a real-world solution must be in the pocket of Big Oil.

Then while checking out Neal Boortz there was a video of Montel Williams saying that Republican's would rather shoot poor people than provide them health care. In the comments a master straw man maker enlightened everyone with the observation that Republicans never want to give money back to the people, guess he missed where that surplus went and then made the keen observation that all they want to do is enhance Sarah Palin's wardrobe.

So as I shook my head in remorse for the condition of our educational system a vision came into my mind... one of John Kerry and Babs attempting intellectualism and those that actually think they are smart.... an anthem for liberalism and the straw men they build.... fortuantely it already exists:


nanc said...

someone should knock the stuffing out of montel...*;]

IOpian said...

He needs a brain... we're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Odd.