Sunday, July 26, 2009

Justice in Room 101

I have read a couple of articles lately about rats and babies. I won't look for links because to reread them only starts to heat the rage again. In one article an infant bled to death from rat bites in her crib. Parents heard nothing did nothing. In another case the teenage parents and a friend let a rat chew of the toes of an infant apparently for their entertainment. Hopefully when people hear someone like fat a senator or idiot representative talk about why we shouldn't stomping a mud hole in our enemies, that behead people or beat women and children, the response is usually that we are better people than that. Yeah right. Ask that toe-less infant.

I become so enraged I start thinking oh that something should happen like that within my reach. I could get a lot of internal rage off my chest. I have visions of a young man's idiot drug-induced giggling, as the rat consumes eat toe, turning into a low mushy gurgle as the bones of his jaw crush severing many nerves and vessels and pop of detaching joints until his screams of agony drowned out the infants. Then I find myself contemplating whether to use my palm to drive his broken nose bone up into his brain relieving the world of one more malfunctioning unit. Then reaching into both corners of his friends mouth and ripping him a permanent smile or frown depending on the way the skin tears. But then I get a spiritual tap on the shoulder, let it go brother, he'll be taken care of in due course.

Now the Bible says an eye for an eye and Jesus used a common phrase of the day to make his point to do unto others as you would have them do to you. But combining the two might be another kind of justice. Do unto others as they have done to others before they do it to others again.

A just punishment might be suggested in a little scene from 1984 when Winston faces his ultimate fears in Room 101 - Rats. In my mind this would be the way to punish people that allow rats to eat on their infants.

Dear Lord, you know I rarely bother you for my petty needs nor do I ask publicly in those times I do need your guidance but I am just asking this one time on behave of others... please send an asteroid big enough to wipe this filth called Man from your creation before it spreads any further.

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nanc said...

perhaps if the people with the rats had the snake that climbed into the baby crib and squeezed the life out of it - all these babies would be alive today.

i freak when mine get a chigger or a tick on them. i appreciate your sentiments and believe the Lord is on His way. it cannot go much longer in this manner. i always say the first thing i'm going to do is give eve a big smack upside the head and let nancpop deal with adam...HA!