Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Liberal Women Despise Palin

OK, I am treading on dangerous ground here but let me relate an experience from work where I observed female behavior that I think is exactly why liberal women have such hatred for Palin.

We got a big contract that required the hiring of many new customer service agents. Now there were many women there but most were just ordinary folks. A few of the managers dressed up. You've seen the type, overweight, face caked with gaudy makeup not fooling anybody and walking uncomfortably in high heels.

One day this little hottie shows up, about 21, slender, extremely attractive wearing this probably inappropriately short skirt. There was this constant stream of males finding a reason to go by her desk then come back to the mostly male billing center to offer up their assessments. Though I can be just as vulgar as the next guy, probably even worse, I'll spare you their astute commentary.

One of the experienced agents brought her to me so I could show her how to restore tapes. One of these superficial managers waddles in and I introduced them. The manager went on and on "oh what a cute outfit, where did you find that?", as if she was going to run right out and find one in sackcloth size. So I watched this two-faced display. She was known to be an ass kisser. If you wanted the President to know something you emailed. If you wanted him to know something immediately you whispered it to her.  Waddle, waddle waddle, knock, knock... Bill I need to speak to you.

I showed this girl how to do tapes and found her, to my dismay, to be extremely bright, articulate and technically savvy. Unfortunately her stunning looks distracted from her intelligence. I left to let her work without the pressure of me watching her every keystroke. She needs to make her mistakes without eyes watching over her shoulder.

As I turned out the tape room I heard a conversation around the corner between this manager that had just been there and another of her 'peers'. " Have you met that new girl, that little bitch, she must not realize this isn't a whore house. I guarantee the first chance I get her little swaggering ass is out of here."
Yep. They didn't get rid of her but forced her to leave within a few weeks. Everything she did they found fault with it.

This didn't happen just once but with about any attractive female the agency sent to us. Men have nothing on women when it comes to being pricks. They just can't stand the fact that, unlike them, someone can have it all going for them.

For the guys it is similar. People like Olbermann, who does get hot bimbos, knows that a lady like Palin wouldn't give him the time of day. Even more disgusting to guys like him is the fact that she prefers a real ordinary guy like Todd. It's a deep rooted fear of rejection thing. I mean how many guys just can't understand what Julia Roberts saw in Lyle Lovett ?


nanc said...

R U KIDDING ME?!? Lyle Lovett is just about as hot as nancpop!!! 2 much hair, however...

IOpian said...

ooo kaaay. Must be in the eye of the beholder. Maybe it was they both have really wide mouths and it just made the kissing work.