Thursday, November 05, 2009

News Organizations

There are 10,000 angry Americans protesting at the House of Representatives.

Fox News is reporting it. MSNBC has a prominent online report with photos. Even the New York Times covered it.

What do the 'News Organizations' like CNN and the Washington Post have online? Not a thing as of 2:50 PM Central.

Who do you trust for your news ?

At least the 'biased organizations' put it out there.


nanc said...

As far as cable news - FOX is it for us - as for print, there is a multitude of worthy sources. The maelstrom media would have you believe 2,000-4,000 - more honest news orgs have reported up to 35,000.

Incidentally, we had a couple at our last town hall meeting and they were at the 9/12 march in deecee - he stated from having been to previous inaugurations, there were at least a million people there.

Deecee had better start listening.

IOpian said...

Actually I hope they ignore it. Waking up to the reality might cause them to amend their ways before midterms. One of my widely held beliefs is that if an entity, be it an animal, a culture, a business or a government is too stupid to recognize a threat or having recognized the threat, is too stupid to defend against that threat then it deserves extinction.

nanc said...

Sidenote - we had a protest outside Blanche Lincoln's office last week - there were approximately 200 of us and MOVEON had about 20 or so - the news people scrambled to get to MOVEON, bobbing and weaving in and out of our "mob" - they got more mention in the local news than we did! Nothing surprises me. Anymore.