Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Do No Evil

Veteran's Day 2009
Kudos to Google


nanc said...


I was getting so sick of sesame street!

Have you seen this graphic in your travels?

IOpian said...

That look on the general's face tells it all.

A long time ago we were talking about the Kenyan in Chief. I had mentioned that what would be hilarious is for the generals to get fed up with this idiot and meet privately with him to say that they will publicly revolt if he doesn't prove to them that he is a legit natural born citizen. They should do it anyway to see if he will fork over the birth certificate. Failure to do so would be an admission that the generals are on to something.

nanc said...

Have you heard of this organization?

I've been meeting sooooooooo many retired and otherwise people who belong to's truly amazing. Not on their watch...