Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Democrats vs Hockey Mom

Tell me again that the Dems aren't concerned about Palin.

They gloat because they think an election proves something against a private citizen with a Twitter account. Pathetic liars. She scares the hell out of them because she would cancel out Obama's charismatic shtick. We've had our first semi-black President who represents 15% of our population. We have yet to elect a woman who represents 51% of our population.

Had the RINO been truthful in her beliefs NY-23 would have had a different outcome.


nanc said...

Iopian - I really hope she doesn't run. Michelle Bachmann on the other hand...

IOpian said...

I kind of go with the idea that if given the choice between having a power office versus influence I would choose influence.

I would like to see a female elected president but neither of those tow have that air of commanding authority that makes me feel secure. Felt that way with Reagan and W. To some extent Clinton. Feel just the opposite with Bobble Head Bo. Back and forth, back and forth.. Now Liz Cheney... that's good blood there. But her time has not yet come.

nanc said...

And I don't have a big enough name...BWAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA!

Is it purty over there today? It's 76 in the house and pop is out mowing!

IOpian said...

It is super beautiful down here. Actually a tad bit warm. Getting ready to take the mower and crunch up the leaves. Why rake when you can mulch them in comfort.

Keeping an eye on the vote. Already have my victory post ready to publish. I sort of wish the blue dogs set a trap for Pelosi by telling her they will vote for the bill so she commits to a vote then vote against it. Live by the lie, die by the lie.