Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Truth Shall Keep You Free

The 2010 midterm weapon of choice.
Effective against Obama's Red and Purple Shirted Thugs.
Shine the light on these roaches and record them scurrying.
Ammunition available at most blogs.

Hi, I'm a sleazy ACORN  lawyer and I can't stand these things.


nanc said...

Hope you had a less-than-tiring Thanksgiving, Iopian...

There's one thing I just LOVE about my new schmackberry - the ability it has to videotape - several hours if you get a big vid chip!

IOpian said...

Hopefully there is a TPP plan to follow the thugs around and film their get out the vote effort this year. Devices are getting so small and powerful it is an easy thing to capture video without the subject even knowing it is happening.

nanc said...

I was recently openly taping an attorney at a healthcare event and someone was hollering at him, "SHE'S TAPING YOU - SHE'S TAPING YOU!" My thought - don't go public if you don't want to be taped.

IOpian said...

That reminds me of Invasion of the Body Snatchers where they are hissing and pointing at you !!