Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Unhinged Liberal

I only caught part of it but if you want to see how unhinged Hollywood liberals are over the Hadley papers try and catch Stuart Varney's interview with Ed Bagley Jr. on the replay tonight. It is whatever show that normally comes on in the 3-4P Central slot on Fox News.
It was hilarious. Bagley accusing Varney of using 'scare tactic' as if he himself hasn't been running around screaming the "we're all gonna die'. Then there was the part where Varney talks about a scientist and Bagley badgers him about what kind of scientist. Varney says a physicist. Bagely 'oh there you go'. Wondered what kind of scientist Bagley is ? I doubt he realizes that climatology is a subset of physics much like thermodynamics.
Egg does compliment Bagley's face. You can tell by his manner he knows he has been exposed as a complete uneducated tool that will fall for anything that will keep him at the top of the 'in crowd'. Totally ranting irrationally like a sixth grader. Doubt he realizes the Prius is but a conspiracy by the evil energy companies to thin out the gene pool.

HotAir has the video.


nanc said...

Unhinged liberal = redundant...hehehe...

IOpian said...

You have probably seen the video. It is hilarious when they are exposed as clueless tools... 'peer review'.. 'peer review'... as if having it reviewed by minions in league with the author has some kind of validity. Well one 'peer' Steve McIntyre isn't impressed with their work. I don't Jennifer Aniston has realized yet that polar bears can swim, they love to swim, they have fat that keeps them floating.