Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Day In Review

Closing thoughts on today's events.

ANSWER thugs attack TPP folks.
My thoughts: We should never start a fight.. but there is no dishonor in ending one.

The Obama bow. NO link necessary !
My thoughts: Stupid is as stupid does.

Moving the trials to NYC. Ditto
My thoughts: The sheik would like to thank all those that made this day possible.

What to call Hasan Ditto
My thoughts: How about infiltrator ?

Sarah Palin interviews.
"The perky one". Smack! Oprah is not the center of her universe. Thump!

Anita Dunn likes Jon Stewart.
He admitted it is fake news.


nanc said...

Van has a new photo up of his heinous BOWING TO THE CHICOMS!

Nothing says "inane turd" like someone who constantly goes around showing their behind!

IOpian said...

He fancies himself cultured and worldly. He has certainly caused them to view the United States differently.. they all think we're buffoons. Even China is getting a little concerned about the cost of his healthcare idiocy.