Friday, October 02, 2009

Visions of a Nuke Free World... Munchies will be needed.

I was just over reading the London papers so I would have a somewhat fair and balanced view of news in America. A commenter on one of the posts was casting much admiration for our young president's attempts to free the world of nuclear weapons.

Here's the reality in my ever so course 'rough around the edges is a term people have described me to my face' way of making a point. Say what they will they usually don't forget it. But if I were talking to the president trying to explain the futility of his effort I would say this... 'look Barry, nuclear weapons are like herpes, once you got'em you're stuck with em for life."

You can't unhear something, you can't unsee something and you sure as hell can't uninvent a technical advancement. Even if everyone disarmed of nukes there is still biological and chemical weapons with the more desirable effect of massive killing without the destruction of infrastructure and resources. Disarming of a particular weapon does not resolve the fundamental issue.

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