Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Screw the Daley Machine

Update: According to Drudge... The Ego Has Landed.

Just an afterthought now that I have quit laughing. The 3 O's, Obamas and Oprah espouse the black liberation dogma of fairness and social justice. South America deserves its moment in the sun as does Brazil, a modern democracy.

I hope Team Triple 'O' didn't suggest a new Olympic logo for Chicago:


nanc said...


...guess the old obambino charm needs to be honed a little more?

IOpian said...

Perhaps it is actually just a figment of his imagination?

Let's see, he dumped on Poland, the Czech republic, Israel, Honduras, Columbia and we know what Sarkozy and Brown think of him.

So in eight months he has managed to offend seven of our allies. We may be hated in the world by the time we impeach him in 2011.