Thursday, October 22, 2009

In the Obama zone

Thought for the day:

This illegal and immoral war against Fox News is diverting valuable resources away from the real war of necessity in Afghanistan.

It is also diverting your attention from other matters like this tidbit at Drudge pointing to and AP article. Can't this president admit he was wrong and change course?
This guy is so paranoid and Nixonian I wonder just how long before we get an 'I'm not a crook' speech.


nanc said...

He needs to read "The Art of War" and just get the hell out of the way!

IOpian said...

Looks like he's done his Lincoln, Kennedy, FDR impersonation. He's doing his Carter thing on a permanent basis, he's tried a little Nixon but now he wants to do his LBJ by micro managing Afghanistan, his Vietnam.

nanc said...

Obamao lied

people died

Sound familiar? It's like I'm saying, "Same team, different captain!"

God help U.S.!