Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Baucus BS

Just saw Baucus saying that members of Congress will have the same choices as the public will have through the exchange. Many of the proponents have repeated this mantra. Indeed it is absolutely true. But what they do not mention lest they kill the sale; if you are a VIP you can afford the solid gold casket plan offered in the exchange. If you are poor sorry but you can only afford the wooden box ( public ) plan.

I am beginning to question my sanity and judgement. I think I am right but the public chatter makes me wonder so few recognize that the thing people ought to be raising hell about this Health Insurance Exchange. It is the heart of this proposed monster. It is where government control becomes absolute, not in the plans offered in it, which will be plans that the government has approved.

Baucus wasn't lying but it will be misinterpreted that government will use the public option once it runs through the spin cycle for a day or two . That's the way this culture of idiocy operates.

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